SMM Direct: Haux-Life-Support Gains GL Certification for Diving Simulator

Haux-Life-Support Gains GL Certification for Diving Simulator

Manufacturer Haux-Life-Support GmbH has gained GL certification for their Diving Simulator for the Royal Swedish Navy. The simulation system has been certified according to the GL Rules for Underwater Technology – Diving Systems and Diving Simulators. Harald Pauli and Dirk Pohlmann from GL’s Department for Pressure Vessels & Underwater Technology presented the certificate to Torsten Haux from Haux-Life-Support at SMM yesterday.

Haux-Life-Support is a manufacturer of hyperbaric medical and diving technology as well as hyperbaric construction chambers for tunnel technology based in Karlsbad, Germany. The Diving Simulator System “Haux-Hydra 160” is positioned in a new building for the Swedish Armed Forces Diving and Naval Medicine Centre (FM DNC) in Karlskrona, Sweden.

Diving Simulator

The system enables wet and dry diving, saturation diving, controls and supervision, data handling and processing as well as training procedures.

It consists of one Diving Chamber (wet chamber) and one Living Chamber (dry chamber for treatment). Each chamber has a maximum operating pressure of 16 bar; this is equal to 160 meter sea water depth. Further subsystems include breathing gas supply, main and emergency electrical supply, fire fighting system, communication system, control station, chamber monitoring system and others. The Diving Simulator can be used for the performance of dives and tests for civil and military purposes as well as treatments for divers. The facility will be available 24 hours a day and be up-to-date with international achievements of hyperbaric (medical and diving) safety technology.

This diving simulator is the about 10th diving simulator with GL certification worldwide.

Press Release, Septembar 6, 2012