Australia: Rizzo Reform Program Takes Another Step Forward

Rizzo Reform Program Takes Another Step Forward

The Rizzo Reform program has taken another step forward with a major workshop held in Sydney on ways to improve culture, practices, and processes in ship repair and maintenance.

The workshop at Fleet Base East, focused particularly on progress on the waterfront, from both the Navy and DMO perspectives. The day finished with a workshop between the Rizzo team, Navy and DMO that looked at how the changes will be rolled out.

Head of Navy Engineering, RADM Mick Uzzell told the grathering the program was critically important to Navy in addressing issues of technical integrity and improving engineering capability. Such sentiments were echoed by the head of the Rizzo Reform Program, CDRE Mark Purcell. CDRE Purcell says those attending the workshop came away with a better understanding of progress made so far.

My assessment is that the workshop yesterday was the highlight of the Rizzo program to date as we are now deeply engaged with the leaders of our key stakeholders at the waterfront” said CDRE Purcell.

 The workshop was also well received by the participants, who represented a four groups and SPOs within Navy and DMO; Submarines, Mine Warfare and Clearance Diving, Amphibious and Afloat Support and Surface.

Director for the Centre of Maritime Engineering, David York told Navy News Rizzo represents a critical step in the right direction for all involved. “This is a once in a career lifetime to get engineering, seaworthiness etc. right- It is an opportunity that must not be squandered,” he said.

The Program will hold similar workshops at other bases around the country.

This is not the end of the conversation, but merely the beginning. We anticipate reaching out to each of the groups in the near future to follow-up on what has been discussed” said CDRE Purcell.

Press Release, Septembar 7, 2012