Russia: Corvette Soobrazitelny Recovers After Fire Incident

Corvette Soobrazitelny Recovers After Fire Incident

Baltic Fleet (BF) corvette Soobrazitelny which was immobilized on Sept 2 in the Baltic Sea due to a fire occurred in the engine-room set a course for Baltiysk, reported RIA Novosti referring to a high-ranking BF officer.

According to the source, a short circuit happened last Sunday in the ship’s cable network led to fumigation. Although the crew promptly eliminated the problem, the ship discontinued participation in the exercise.

Central Navy Portal earlier reported that the fire in chimney had occurred when the corvette was anchored off the harbor of Danish port and naval base Frederikshavn.

Corvette Soobrazitelny was supposed to attend the DANEX-NOCO-2012 large-scale multinational exercise which main participants are countries of the Baltic Sea region and some other states like the US, Norway, and Canada. Prior to that, the Russian ship left the base to take part in the maneuvers along with NATO warships.

Press Release, Septembar 7, 2012