UK: HMS Ambush Arrives at Faslane


HMS Ambush Arrives at Faslane

HMS Ambush – the second of the Navy’s planned flotilla of seven Astute-class submarines – yesterday made her debut in Scotland as she arrived at Faslane. The £1bn boat has spent the past four days undergoing trials on the 200-mile journey from the yard where she was built to her new home.

The £1bn hunter-killer – the second of seven Astute-class submarine – yesterday joined her sister at HM Naval Base Clyde after a four-day voyage from Barrow.

The state-of-the-art boat – successor to the trusty Trafalgar class, but 50 per cent bigger, twice as powerful and even more stealthy – conducted some basic trials on the 200-mile journey from Cumbria, where she was built by BAE Systems, to her new home at Faslane.

She also carried out the very first winching for the Astute class as she joined up with a Merlin of 829 Naval Air Squadron and HMS St Albans testing the challenging ‘evolution’ of a transfer from the submarine to the helicopter.

Of the short maiden voyage Ambush’s first Commanding Officer, Cdr Peter Green, said: “It was very satisfying bringing Ambush into her home port for the first time after initial sea trials.

“The ship’s company and I are now looking forward to putting her through her paces over the coming months, ensuring that she is one step closer to being deployed on operations.”

Naval Today Staff, September 20, 2012; Image: Royal Navy