USA: NCA Kicks Off Annual Training Symposium

NCA Kicks Off Annual Training Symposium

The Navy Counselor Association (NCA) held its annual training symposium here, Sept. 24 – 27 to educate participants about the latest Navy policies and programs impacting the fleet.

The purpose of the symposium is to bring together Navy Counselors (NC), command career counselors (CCC), collateral duty career counselors and command retention team members for training on manpower, personnel, training and education policies that effect Sailors and their families.

NCs and CCCs are key figures in career the career development of Sailors. They offer career guidance and assist commands in organizing and implementing aggressive enlisted career information program for programs like Perform to Serve, reenlistments, permanent change of station orders, career development boards and serve as Transition Assistance Program Managers providing counseling on veteran benefits and relocation programs.

“We don’t have a choice but to train,” said Chief Navy Counselor (AW/SW) Kim Lewis, NCA treasurer. “If we don’t train then we’re doing our Sailors a disservice.”

This year’s training symposium, themed “Ready Today through Relevant and Capable Training,” featured training on enlisted selection boards, advancement policy changes, high-year tenure, sea duty and assignment incentive pay, enlisted community management and new detailing policies and incentives designed to improve manning at sea.

“I’m looking forward to the breakout sessions so I can learn more about career counseling,” said Yeoman 1st Class Porsha Suttle, Full Time Support Reservist, who recently assumed duties as the collateral duty command career counselor at Navy Operational Support Center Salt Lake City. “We have a really small command and don’t rate our own NC, so I need to get this information to help the Sailors back at my command.”

According to their charter, NCA is dedicated to support, develop, encourage foster and promote career counselors in their efforts to obtain, train and retain quality Sailors.

More than 1,000 Sailors attended the four-day conference which featured the Chief of Naval Personnel, Commander Navy Personnel Command, and directors for enlisted distribution and community managers.

“This is the best turnout we’ve had yet, and when I look around at the participants I see total buy-in,” said Lewis.

According to NAVADMIN 256/12 commanding officers are authorized to support attendance and may issue orders for attendance at government expense after determining there is a legitimate federal government purpose.

Naval Today Staff, September 26, 2012; Image: US Navy