US Navy Parachute Demonstration Team Heads to Hawaii

US Navy Parachute Demonstration Team Heads to Hawaii

The Navy Parachute Demonstration Team, the Leap Frogs, performed at the Kaneohe Bay Air Show at Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) Sept. 28-30.

The five-man jump team performed three high-altitude jumps from as high as 12,000 feet above show center, and had the honor of performing a tandem jump with MCBH commanding officer, Col. Brian Annichiarico, for the final performance of the show.

Making the trip across the Pacific presented a rare opportunity for residents of the Aloha State to see the Leap Frogs in action.

“I’ve always wanted to see them which is why I had to make it out here today,” said University of Hawaii Manoa student Andrew Bertucci.

The high altitude of this performance allowed the team to perform a number of in-air maneuvers including extensive freefall, smoke trails, and canopy formations.

Landing team members also interacted with audience members. shaking hands, giving high-fives and answering questions about Naval Special Warfare and life as a SEAL.

“My favorite part was seeing them land and just walk off casually like they’re stepping off an escalator,” said Jim Stobie.

The team’s next scheduled performance is for the commissioning of USS Michael Murphy in New York Oct. 6.

The Leap Frogs perform aerial parachute demonstrations in support of Naval Special Warfare and Navy recruiting.

Naval Today Staff,October 05, 2012; Image: US Navy