Polish, Swedish Navies Join Forces within Northern Crown 2012

Search for damaged submarine and crew rescue  was the main subject of the Polish-Swedish exercise codename NORTHERN CROWN 2012. The NSRS (the NATO Submarine Rescue System) is also used during the exercise serials. Ships from both Navies train sub crew evacuation, rescue techniques, all with assistance of underwater rescue vehicle. Northern Crown 2012 is the biggest rescue operation conducted by Polish Navy this year.

The NSRS, one of the most advanced vehicles, is used during the exercise serials. This is a kind of a miniature sub designed for “dry” crew evacuation of submerged submarines in distress. According to the exercise scenario, Polish submarine ORP SOKOL was damaged and lied on the bottom. The NATO rescue underwater vehicle conducted a rescue operation of sub crew evacuation.

Other participants were the ORP PIAST rescue vessel (Polish Navy), as well as the Swedish HSwMS BELOS rescue ship. On 3 October the crews of participating assets trained procedures while in harbour, and on 4-5 October they practiced at sea near the Polish coast (the Hel Peninsula). The exercise was observed by specialists from Italian and Norwegian Navy. All rescue serials were commanded by Polish-Swedish-British staff.

Naval Today Staff, October 9, 2012