UK: Hull Lad Sails with HMS Diamond

Hull Lad Sails with HMS Diamond

Former Sydney Smith High School pupil, Andrew Hendin is on his first deployment with the Royal Navy. Sailing onboard HMS Diamond, he is helping to protect our nation’s interests in the Middle East.

Andrew, 21, a resident of Hull, is a member of the logistics department onboard and is responsible for a number of crucial domestic duties that keep the ship running.

Andy has a lot to be smiling about now he is engaged to his partner Samantha Sanderson after proposing to her on a beach in the Gulf.

Recently Andrew and his shipmates took a break from their hard work during a scheduled two week stop in Dubai, one of the United Arab Emirates.

Mid-way through their 6 month deployment, the Ship’s Company of HMS Diamond had the opportunity to spend a little time with family and friends who flew out to meet the ship while she carried out a short and scheduled maintenance period to ensure her readiness for the second half of the deployment.

Andrew was joined by his girlfriend Sammy Sanderson and the couple spent some leave time among the famous sights and sounds of Dubai.

It was Sammy’s 21st birthday and the pair were taking a romantic night-time stroll on the Arabian beach moments after Sammy had fallen in the sea when Andy dropped to one knee and proposed, putting a ring on her finger.

When he’s back home in Hull, Andrew enjoys pursuing his interests in trucks and driving.  Reflecting on his experiences since joining up in 2009, Andrew said:

“The Royal Navy has given me a wonderful opportunity to travel. 

“Dubai was a great experience for both Sammy and I, somewhere we will never forget.”

HMS Diamond is one of the latest Type 45 destroyers based in Portsmouth.

She has a complement of 190 men and women who perform a variety of roles on board to maintain, drive and fight the ship.

She boasts some impressive capabilities in terms of war fighting ability, but also benefits from the most comfortable accommodation seen so far in a Royal Navy warship.

Sammy and many other loved ones wait eagerly for the Diamond’s return home in December this year.

Naval Today Staff, October 09, 2012; Image: Royal Navy