USS Frank Cable Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Sailors and civilian mariners (CIVMARS) assigned to submarine tender USS Frank Cable (AS 40) gathered together to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Oct. 15.

The celebration began on the ship’s mess decks where several hundred Sailors enjoyed tacos, burritos, enchiladas and other Hispanic delicacies while listening to their shipmates speak on the importance of Hispanic heritage.

“Heritage celebrations are important for Sailors due to the fact that we are one of the most diverse workforces,” said Hull Maintenance Technician 1st class Joe Mcclain, a member of Frank Cable’s Diversity Committee. “It is very important, and very informative to learn, know and understand the various cultures that we work side-by-side with on a daily basis.”

Mcclain said by learning the history of a culture it provides the needed knowledge to build tighter knit friendships and communication among all.

Among the guest speakers were Coast Guard Lt.j.g. Louis Rivera, Machinist’s Mate 3rd class Ronald Tav arez, and Senior Chief Hull Maintenance Technician Andres Carrillo who spoke on the importance of the Diversity Committee and the accomplishments of Hispanics and Hispanic-Americans throughout history.

“Our role is to acknowledge all the vital roles that Latinos have played in not only the enhancement of the Navy, but the worldwide impact they have had as a culture,” said Mcclain. “Our purpose is to lead the way in acknowledging all ethnicities, races, genders, colors and creeds in the vital roles that different cultures have played.”

The Diversity Committee contributed to the ceremony by setting up the celebration and putting up posters, distributing different ethnic foods and announcing each guest speaker.

“I think the celebration is a great way to show the command pride of our heritage,” said Personnel Specialist Seaman Nicole Rosado, a Sailor assigned to Frank Cable and a member of the Diversity Committee. “It helps express ourselves on where we come from and how we have impacted the Navy. The guest speakers’ testimonies are proof that no matter where you come from, success is in your reach and anyone can do it.”

President Lyndon B. Johnson established Hispanic Heritage Week in 1968, and later President Ronald Reagan, extended it to a month long celebration from Sept.15 to Oct. 15 to correspond with the independence of the five Latin American countries.

Frank Cable conducts maintenance of submarines and service vessels deployed in the U.S. 7th Fleet Area of Responsibility.

Naval Today Staff, October 19, 2012