USA: Chief of Naval Operations Launches New Professional Reading Program

Chief of Naval Operations Launches New Professional Reading Program

Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Jonathan Greenert introduced the newest edition of the Chief of Naval Operations Professional Reading Program (CNO-PRP) in his blog Oct. 23.

With the motto “Read to Be Ready,” the revamped program lists 42 books organized under the three tenets of the CNO’s Sailing Directions: warfighting first, operate forward, and be ready. There are 18 essential readings and 24 recommended readings.

“I encourage you to read these relevant books – they are about our profession,” said Greenert. “The list is designed to help us learn more about our proud heritage and gain a greater understanding of what it means to be a 21st century Sailor.

Each book was selected to illustrate key points about ways the Navy contributed to national security in the past and how it will operate in the future.

“I’m not trying to make historians out of all us, and I don’t want you to get a history degree out of this,” said Greenert. “I want you to be interested in your Navy and see how your predecessors, Sailors just like you, made your Navy great.”

The Navy reading program was developed to facilitate professional development and encourage a life-long habit of reading and learning among all Sailors. Books include history, fiction, inspirational and patriotic titles, biographies and classics on military strategy and theory, and management best practices.

“Admiral Greenert has directed the most significant changes to the Navy’s professional reading program since it was established in 2006,” said U.S. Naval War College professor John Jackson, the program manager. “His personal level of interest and involvement has been very helpful as we improved the program to meet the challenges of today’s Navy.”

The 18 essential reading books will be shipped to every major ship, squadron and station in the Navy. The rest of the books are identified as recommended reading and will be available for download to personal devices from the Navy General Library Program and through the e-Library section on the Navy Knowledge Online website.

“We hope that the Chief of Naval Operations Professional Reading Program will make it easier for Sailors around the fleet to read about the world around them, to share the marvelous history and heritage of the naval services and to help them consider different ways to look at their current challenges and those that will come in the future,” said Jackson.

Naval Today Staff,October 26, 2012; Image: US Navy