US Navy Sends Warships to Assist in Storm Recovery, Relief

The United States Navy is sending  warships to assist in storm recovery and relief, the Navy’s chief of information reports.

Three warships are on the way to waters of New Jersey and New York, and they are:

USS Wasp:
The U.S. Navy multipurpose amphibious assault ship.
Wasp, which is 257 m long (843 ft) with a beam of 32 meters (105 ft), also accommodates the full range of Navy and Marine Corps helicopters, conventional landing craft, and amphibious vehicles.

USS San Antonio:
The lead ship of her class of amphibious transport dock or landing platform dock,  The ship is designed to deliver up to 800 Marines ashore by landing craft and helicopters.

and USS Carter Hall:
The mission of the Landing Ship Dock (LSD) is to transport and launch amphibious craft, vehicles, crews and embarked personnel in an amphibious assault. An LSD can also render limited docking and repair service to small ships and craft, and act as the Primary Control Ship (PCS) during amphibious assaults.

Navy spokesman Lt. Commander Chris Servello said there has been no official request for assistance from the amphibious landing ships that can launch helicopters, make fresh water and haul critical supplies and other aid, according to CNN.

As we know from the earlier reports, the Hurricane Sandy, the largest Atlantic tropical system on record has caused  at least 12 deaths in the United States, which  when added to the previous toll in the Caribbean, amount to more than 80 lives to date, The Atlantic reports .

Naval Today Staff,November 1, 2012