STX Finland Oy’s Rauma Shipyard Starts Production of Next Generation OPVs for Finnish Border Guard

STX Finland Oy's Rauma Shipyard Starts Production of Next Generation OPVs for Finnish Border Guard

On Monday 22 October 2012, STX Finland Oy’s Rauma Shipyard started the production of next generation offshore patrol vessel to be built for the Finnish Border Guard. The start of production at the Rauma Shipyard was carried out following traditions.

Chief of the Finnish Border Guard, Lieutenant General Jaakko Kaukanen pressed the launch button. The event held in the steel construction hall was witnessed by the representatives of the Finnish Border Guard, the Finnish Environment Institute, STX Finland and the classification society Germanisher Lloyd, and members of the press.

In addition to border safety and frontier supervision missions, the offshore patrol vessel, scheduled for delivery in November 2013, can be used for search and rescue, military national defence purposes and various kinds of underwater assignments both independently and in collaboration with other authorities. The ship will also feature substantial oil recovery capacity with important meaning for maritime oil recovery capabilities of Finland and the Baltic Sea region. The Finnish Environment Institute has been closely involved in the design of the vessel.

The 96 metres long and 17 metres wide vessel is technically highly advanced, using the latest technologies and environmentally friendly innovations in accordance with the Government decision-in-principle on sustainable public procurement. The ship is equipped with machinery using liquefied natural gas (LNG) and diesel as fuel. The requirements of energy efficiency and safe operation of the vessel in different accident situations have been taken more extensively into account in the design of the ship than before.

“For STX Finland Oy’s Rauma Shipyard the offshore patrol vessel order has meant continuation for a good, long-term cooperation relationship with the Finnish Border Guard, established as early as in the mid-1980s. When completed at the end of next year, the vessel will represent the next generation in terms of both its functions and environmental friendliness. Its impact on the employment rate under the prevailing weak market situation is significant,” says Toivo Ilvonen, Director of STX Rauma Shipyard.

“Deputy Chief of the Finnish Border Guard, Rear Admiral Matti Möttönen points out that the new patrol vessel will be a significant addition to Finland’s maritime offshore capacity. The ship will provide an efficient command platform for management of official tasks, and with its extensive sensory equipment it is capable of supervising the sea area under any circumstances. In addition, with a view to protection of the Baltic Sea, it is important that equipment is reliable under any circumstances and capable of effectively limiting damage in case of accidents.”

Naval Today Staff, November 6, 2012; Image: STX