USA: JAX Chambers Hosts 10th Annual Military Appreciation Luncheon

JAX Chambers Hosts 10th Annual Military Appreciation Luncheon

More than 800 people witnessed the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce kick off its 10th Annual Military Appreciation Luncheon, Nov. 5, at Prime Osborn Convention Center in Jacksonville, Fla., kicking off “Week of Valor” to honor military members, veterans and their families.

“Today is the first day of … a week long salute to the service and the sacrifice of our military members, our veterans and family who support them,” said Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown. “I believe that is very appropriate, that the first of what will be terrific events planned this week is led by Jax Chambers.”

During the luncheon, Brown pledged the city’s continued dedication to the military, highlighting that the military is a large part of Jacksonville’s economy and way of life.

“The military delivers an economic impact of 12.2 billion dollars here in Jacksonville,” said Brown. “In the city of Jacksonville, the military helps define who we are and the high value we place on civic responsibility, service and sacrifice. My administration is focused on making Jacksonville the most military friendly city in the nation.”

Keynote speaker Lt. Gen. William M. Faulkner, deputy commandant for Installations and Logistics United States Marines Corps, took the podium and highlighted programs the city provides for service members, veterans. He thanked the Mayor and the city for their work on behalf of the military.

“Initiatives like your ‘Jobs for Vets’ web site designed to connect job seeking veterans to veteran-friendly employers in the city, is an impressive template for other cities around the United States to emulate,” said Faulkner. “With the support of a grateful nation and proud and faithful Americans, such as the citizens of Jacksonville who recognize the sacrifice of our brave warriors, we’re confident that we continue to be ever faithful in meeting the nation’s need for military crisis response.”

As the luncheon concluded, the master-of-ceremony 2012 Chamber Chair Chairman and President and CEO of The Main Street America Group Tom Van Berkel asked everyone to show their continued appreciation by going to a designated table at the luncheon to write postcards for service members serving overseas.

Naval Today Staff, November 7, 2012; Image: US Navy