Navantia Begins Repair of First Algerian Navy Ship

Navantia Begins Repair of First Algerian Navy Ship

Navantia received, on 15th November, the first Algerian Navy ship for its repairing and modernization. The contract for the reparation and modernization of the two units came in force last 25th July.

With the arrival of this ship to Reparaciones Fene-Ferrol facilities, Navantia Reparaciones will start the execution of the contract that means approximately 870,000 working hours to be carried out in three years. This fact implies a work force of about 180 people. Sistemas Faba and Motores Cartagena will also contribute providing works and equipment.

To get this contract, Navantia Reparaciones was invited in December 2010 to participate in the international tender for the modernization of two twin units for the Algerian Navy.

Competing with the main European shipyards and naval companies Navantia Reparaciones was selected as one of the finalists. After intense negotiations carried out by a delegation from Navantia Reparaciones in Algeria during near a year to define the extent of supply, the contract finally came into force last 25th of July.

This is the biggest contract in the history of Reparaciones Fene-Ferrol and supposes the international opening to the market of the repairing and modernization of naval foreign ships. Furthermore this contract consolidates Navantia’s position regarding future projects of naval shipbuilding to be developed by the Algerian Navy.

Naval Today Staff,November 16, 2012; Image: Navantia