USFF Fleet Health Services Host Medical All-Hands Call

U.S. Fleet Forces Command (USFF) Fleet Health Services hosted an all-hands call for Navy medical personnel from across the Hampton Roads area at Naval Station Norfolk Nov. 14.

During the all-hands call, Vice Adm. Matthew L. Nathan, Navy surgeon general and chief of the Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, shared his vision and priorities for Navy medicine, and spoke about fleet medical readiness, joint missions, global tasks, manning, training, and equipment.

He emphasized the vital role Navy medicine plays in supporting the missions of the chief of naval operations and the commandant of the Marine Corps.

“We represent America’s forward-deployed service,” said Nathan. “We team up with the United States Marine Corps to be the premier amphibious team. Our hallmark is readiness.”

With readiness at the forefront of the conversation, he explained how grateful he is to have such a phenomenal medical team supporting the fleet.

“I understand high demands and op tempo. We are on stage all the time. You don’t get to take a knee. You are why I exist. I am here to find out what I can do for you. It all feeds back to you and the work you do,” said Nathan.

The visit also gave medical personnel the chance to discuss topics of concern for them with the Navy’s senior medical officer.

“This was a great opportunity to ask questions and get some clarification about the Navy Surgeon General’s guidance to the fleet,” said Capt. Bruce Gillingham U.S. Fleet Forces fleet surgeon.

One junior Sailor in the room said he was impressed with how committed the medical leadership is to keeping Sailors properly informed about current issues.

“This was very informative,” said Hospitalman (FMF/SW/AW) Joshua Plummer. “It’s nice to get knowledge first-hand from the boss regarding his expectations and priorities. This all-hands call answered a lot of questions I had regarding our role in Navy medicine,” said Plummer.

At the conclusion of the all-hands call, Nathan thanked everyone for their professionalism and devotion to duty during challenging and uncertain times.

“What’s not uncertain is your commitment to the mission,” said Nathan. “In any sea state, calm or stormy, on the sea, above the sea, or below the sea, you deliver world class care anytime, anywhere.”

Naval Today Staff,November 16, 2012