New Zealand: HMAS Tobruk (II) Proves Her Amphibious Force during Pae Tata

HMAS Tobruk (II) Proves Her Amphibious Force during Pae Tata

HMAS Tobruk (II) once again proved her amphibious force, undertaking the bilateral exercise, Pae Tata, off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand over November 05-15.

 Commander Task Group, LTCOL Glenn King, 1RNZIR, said Pae Tata successfully exercised NZDF Force Elements in the conduct of operational level planning and tactical level execution of amphibious operations.

“Tobruk (II)’s participation in Pae Tata was fundamental in developing the joint aspects of the NZDF amphibious capability,” LTCOL King said.

“Tobruk (II) provided the necessary platform for the 1RNZIR HQ Element and embarked land elements to operate from.

“With her level of experience, embarked LCM8s and LARCs, she was a vital asset in familiarising the embarked Enhanced Infantry Company in the conduct of amphibious operations.”

Force integration training and a free-play advance force field training exercise united maritime, land and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance assets, enabling the Special Forces Task Element and Task Group to effectively carry out their mission.

Tobruk (II) proved international interoperability for embarkation and debarkation drills and provided comprehensive induction into Tobruk (II) for 114 Enhanced Infantry Company and 1RNZIR HQ personnel.

Issuing of ammunition, small boat work, stern door marriages, craning operations for foreign vehicles and equipment were carried out onboard as part of the NZDF amphibious operations familiarisation process.

Amphibious operations were conducted by day and night, overt and covert. A tactical withdrawal of embarked forces and reconstitution phase, preparing the forces for further tasking was also practised.

Communication interoperability was proven between RAN and NZDF maritime and land elements with HMNZ Ship’s Manawanui and Taupo also participating in Pae Tata.

During the exercise, Tobruk (II) provided assistance to HMNZS Otago’s workup, conducting a Night Steaming in Company. The mutually beneficial station keeping exercise provided Tobruk (II)’s Junior Warfare Officers experience in tactical situations.

CO HMAS Tobruk (II), CMDR Tim Watson, said Exercise Pae Tata allowed ship’s company to consolidate and share skills which they had just refined during exercises Sea Lion and Croix du Sud.

“Pae Tata has come a great time for Tobruk (II),” said CMDR Watson.

“Exercise Sea Lion allowed ship’s company, new and old, to re-acquaint themselves with conducting daily amphibious evolutions.

“Exercise Croix du Sud allowed us to put those skills to use and strengthen them in an extensive international environment.

“Pae Tata is now giving us the opportunity to share our amphibious experience and polished skills with our New Zealand counterparts.”

Naval Today Staff, November 19, 2012; Image: RAN