VIDEO: Thai Navy’s HTMS Chang Sunken

Thai Navy's HTMS Chang Sunken

The Thai Navy sank HTMS Chang in the sea off Koh Chang on Thursday and even though retiring, the ship will continue its service as an artificial reef for marine life and a diving attraction, reports the citing the Royal Thai Navy.

After serving the U.S. Navy during two wars what used to be USS Lincoln County decommissioned on 24 March 1961.

On 31 August 1962 the ship was turned over to the Government of Thailand under the terms of the Military Assistance Program for service in the Royal Thai Navy as Chang (LST-2). This ship’s hull number was changed to 712 HTMS Chang, and was still active in the Royal Thai Navy as of 2006.

The event of scuttling HTMS Chang was witnessed by government officials, Thai and foreign tourists and provincial residents.

Naval Today Staff,November 26, 2012; Image: Thai Navy