New Zealand Navy Reservists Hold RESERVEX 2012

New Zealand Navy Reservists Hold RESERVEX 2012

RESERVEX 2012 was held at the Devonport Naval Base from 21-25 November. Engineers, electricians, lawyers and teachers were among Defence Force personnel facing a range of challenges as part of a New Zealand Navy Volunteer Reserve training exercise.

RESERVEX 2012 is an annual exercise designed to give Navy Volunteer Reservists the opportunity to develop and practice a range of core skills in their military areas of expertise.

Navy Volunteer Reserve units from Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin took part in the exercise which covered Seamanship, Bridge Watch Keeping, Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical and Weapons Engineering, and Maritime Trade Operations Branch training for the Navy’s specialists on maritime shipping.

Naval Volunteer Reservist and Officer in Charge of the exercise Lieutenant Commander Gerad Chaplin said: “RESERVEX enables the upskilling and assessment of all components of the Naval Reserve in its operational capability.” According to him, the exercise entails carrying out practical and simulator training during the week where a selection of employers get to see the valuable contribution Naval Reservists make to the New Zealand Defence Force.

The range of occupations and skills Navy Volunteer Reservists bring from their civilian jobs is invaluable to NZ Defence Force operations, and in turn, the skills learned in the military are valued by their employers.”

Personnel trained on RNZN ships including the multirole vessel HMNZS CANTERBURY, Offshore Patrol Vessel HMNZS WELLINGTON and Inshore Patrol Craft HMNZS ROTOITI, as well as on the Navy’s Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats.

Naval Today Staff, November 27, 2012; Image: RNZN