France: DCNS, PIRIOU to Set Up JV Specialising in Maritime Security Ships

DCNS and PIRIOU have entered into exclusive negotiations to set up a joint venture specialising in maritime security ships built to civilian shipbuilding standards. The project is part of both companiesʼ growth strategies and will expand their accessible markets.

DCNS and PIRIOU aim to leverage their complementary commercial and industrial skill sets to create a world leader in maritime security ships (coast guards, law enforcement authorities, customs…) built to civilian shipbuilding standards. The joint venture would draw on DCNS’s experience in naval defence and PIRIOU’s background in civilian shipbuilding.

The joint venture would employ a small team dedicated to responding to calls for tenders and managing contract execution with a view to winning new business for its parent companies’ industrial, logistics and engineering activities in France.

“ This joint venture would help DCNS expand its accessible market. Moreover, customers acquiring maritime security ships built to civilian standards may later become customers for more heavily armed DCNS corvettes or frigates. This project thus represents a two-fold growth opportunity for our Company, ” said Bernard Planchais, DCNS Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer.

“ To gain access to the market for maritime security ships, which is at the crossroad between civilian and military shipbuilding, the only type of partnership that makes sense for us is one with a world leader in naval defence such as DCNS. This would be a major strategic move for us. Our contributions – which include our solid base in France, our international experience and our proven responsiveness to customer needs – would be real strengths for the joint venture, especially when combined with DCNS’s experience and global presence in the defence sector, ” said Pascal PIRIOU, Chairman of the PIRIOU executive board.

DCNS and PIRIOU have a background of successful cooperation, having worked together on the Gowind OPV L’Adroit, which was built under a self-funded programme in 2010–11 by DCNS and partners including PIRIOU.

Naval Today Staff, November 29, 2012