USS Harry S. Truman Hosts 3-M Training Team Visit

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Ten inspectors from Commander, Naval Air Force Atlantic’s (COMNAVAIRLANT) Maintenance and Material Management Training Team (3-MTT) conducted training during an assist visit aboard the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) Nov. 26-29.

The 3-MTT members ensured Truman Sailors were properly conducting maintenance in accordance with the ship’s planned maintenance system (PMS) while adhering to the requisite safety precautions for each maintenance action.

“It’s important for everybody to have a high level of knowledge about the 3-M program, from the junior maintenance personnel to the spot checkers,” said Lt. Jeff Dennison, Truman’s 3-M officer. “The 3-MTT is here to see that knowledge and give us feedback to help us improve.”

Senior Chief Sonar Technician (Surface) (SW) Dennis Cool, Truman’s 3-M coordinator, said the main goal of the 3-MTT visit was to help the crew expand its knowledge by participating in the team’s training sessions.

“They are ensuring the maintenance has been completed and documented properly, which gives everybody a good grasp on the importance of maintenance,” said Cool.

According to Dennison, the team’s four-day visit will help Truman’s maintenance personnel prepare for Truman’s upcoming 3-M assessment (3-MA) and, eventually, the 3-M inspection (3-MI).

The 3-MTT also ensured Truman’s chiefs and officers were properly trained to assess the crew’s 3-M proficiency.

“Our biggest goal is to make Truman last for 50 years,” said Cool. “We make the ship last by maintaining the equipment safely and effectively. As long as we properly conduct our PMS, we are guaranteed to keep Truman at peak operational standards.”

During the first day of the 3-MTT visit, the team members conducted administrative effectiveness reviews of each work center and monitored various spot checks throughout Truman’s departments.

The following day’s focus was “training stations.” During these evolutions, the training team provided in-depth training on firefighting equipment, watertight doors, electrical components and life-saving equipment.

The third day of 3-MTT’s visit consisted of level of knowledge and spot check training sessions.

Lastly, 3-MTT also reviewed Truman’s zone inspection program and provided a debrief of their assessment.

“We take the feedback very seriously and will implement it immediately into our 3-M program,” said Dennison. “Truman’s 3-MTT has worked extremely hard to make the program successful throughout the entire ship. Sailors are expanding their levels of knowledge on a daily basis to ensure the success of the approaching 3-MA and 3-MI.”

“A strong sense of ownership is a big deal when it comes to the 3-M program,” said Dennison. “Truman is our home and the equipment we operate belongs to us. This ship is our piece of the Navy, and we need to take responsibility for it.”

Naval Today Staff,November 29, 2012

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