ONI Welcomes New Commander

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Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) held a change of command ceremony in Suitland, Md., Nov. 30.

Rear Adm. Samuel J. Cox, who has served as director of Intelligence of U.S. Cyber Command since July 2011, and previously as director of the National Maritime Intelligence Center (NMIC), relieved Capt. Robert Rupp.

Cox will serve as both commander of ONI and director of the National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office.

He said the success of ONI is based on the brainpower of the men and women who make up the organization.

“Our mission is to provide a decisive warfighting advantage to the United States Navy, and we do that through accurate and timely predictive analysis of enemy intentions, vulnerabilities, capabilities and intent,” he said. “My primary weapon system for accomplishing the mission is our people.”

Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, Information Dominance Corps, and Director of Naval Intelligence Vice Adm. Kendall Card told the audience of family, friends and professionals that ONI has played an important role in intelligence for more than 130 years. That role has never been more critical than it is today, as evidenced by the appointment of a two-star admiral as commander.

“Taking the helm today is testament to the incredible skill, dedication and capability of Capt. Rupp. This job would test the mettle of any flag officer,” Cox said. He thanked Vice Adm. Card for the appointment, saying, “It’s great to be home doing what I love most of all.”

Cox’s previous flag assignments included head of the Multi-national Intelligence Task Force investigating the sinking of the Republic of Korea warship Cheonan. He was a senior member in the Afghanistan-Pakistan Hands program, and director of Plans and Policy (N5) and Fleet Intelligence for Naval Network Warfare Command.

As America’s longest continuously serving intelligence agency, the Office of Naval Intelligence is embarking on a historic endeavor that will ensure its status as the source of highest quality maritime intelligence.

Naval Today Staff, December 5, 2012

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