US Navy Announces FY-13 Senior Enlisted Continuation Board

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US Navy Announces FY-13 Senior Enlisted Continuation Board

The fiscal year 2013 (FY-13) performance-based Senior Enlisted Continuation board will convene Feb. 25, 2013 according to a Navy message released Dec. 12.

“This is a performance-based board, just as it has always been,” said Navy Personnel Command (NPC) Force Master Chief (SW/AW/NAC) Jon Port. “As highlighted in the NAVADMIN, documented misconduct and substandard performance will be the primary reason board-eligible Sailors are not continued. The board will look at the same performance indicators as in previous years and these will be detailed in the board precept.”

As outlined in NAVADMIN 375/12, active component (AC) and Full Time Support (FTS) E-7 to E-9 Sailors with at least 19 years of active service computed from their Active Duty Service Date and three-years time-in-rate (TIR) as of Sept. 1, 2012; and selected Reserve (SELRES) and Voluntary Training Unit (VTU) E-7 to E-9 Sailors with at least 19 years qualifying service as of Sept. 30, 2012 and three-years TIR by Sept. 1, 2012 will be considered by the board.

The FY-13 board will review more senior enlisted leaders than in the past as a result of eligibility changes. This year only eligible senior enlisted who as of Jan. 25, 2013 have an approved transfer to the fleet or Retired Reserve effective on or before Nov. 30, 2013; those selected for Chief Warrant Officer by the FY-13 boards held in January 2012; and senior enlisted selected for advancement by the FY-13 advancement boards held from February through May 2012 will not be considered.

NAVADMIN 375/12 contains some basic performance indicators the board will consider.

The Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology Center will publish the names of board-eligible Sailors Dec. 17.

The names will be posted to both the Navy Enlisted Advancement System website at and on Bupers Online (BOL) at for command representatives to view.

Individuals can view their board eligibility profile sheet on Navy Knowledge Online, Under the “Career Management” tab, select “Navy Advancement Center” and then select “Senior Enlisted Continuation Board Eligibility Profile.”

Beginning Dec. 17, 2012 commands will be able to review for accuracy their FY-13 SECB listing. Commands are required to re-verify this eligible listing weekly until Jan. 25, 2013. If an eligible candidate is not listed, or an ineligible candidate is listed, commands must contact NPC to make the required adjustment. Jan. 25, 2013 is the last day for commands to resolve eligibility issues.

Letters to the board must be received by Feb. 4, 2013. Letters must be originated by the eligible Sailor. Any communications not initiated by the eligible candidate will not be accepted or considered, unless included as an enclosure to the candidate’s correspondence. See NAVADMIN 375/12 for submission procedures and mailing addresses.

Sailors who are not selected for continuation must transfer to the Fleet Reserve or retire by Nov. 30, 2013, unless operationally waived by the deputy chief of naval personnel.

Naval Today Staff, December 14, 2012; Image: US Navy

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