NATO ACO Updates on Weekly Piracy Related Activities

NATO ACO Updates on Weekly Piracy Related Activities

During the reporting period of 09 – 16 January 2013 there were no piracy related incidents in the High Risk Area (HRA).

The last of the hostages from the MV Orna have been released. The ship was pirated in Dec 2010 and freed in Oct 2012. However, a number of crew members had been kept in captivity until recently.

Also released from pirate control this past week was the MV Iceberg 1, this brings the number of vessels in captivity down to 4.

Merchant vessels are reminded to remain vigilant while transiting this area and ensure that Self Protection Measures are in place as PAGs may be operating in the area. Although sea states in some parts of the HRA have become more marginal with the onset of the Northeast monsoon, small boats are still be able to operate.

During the past few months there have been continued reports concerning suspicious activity in the HRA. Fishing activity is expected to continue in this area. Fishermen may carry small arms. Masters are reminded to remain vigilant in order to distinguish between fishing vessels and potential pirates.

Naval Today Staff, January 18, 2013; Image: NATO