VIDEO: Timelapse of HMS Queen Elizabeth’s Forward Island’s Delivery

Timelapse of HMS Queen Elizabeth's Forward Island's Delivery

The arrival of the iconic 700-tonne forward island of the biggest aircraft carrier ever to be built in Britain, HMS Queen Elizabeth, marked a significant milestone in the construction process of the naval giant. Nevertheless, the very transport of the forward island, which arrived safely in Rosyth on February 11, was a challenging endeavor of its own.

The iconic Forward Island, known as Upper Block 07, is the hub of the ship as it contains the main bridge and approximately 100 vital mission systems compartments.

Hereby we bring you a video showing a time-lapse from dock hall to delivery of the island.

The structure now awaits its raising on to the flight deck of the future flagship which is scheduled for next month.

The island has been fitted with a special 78-tonne lifting crane which will allow the Goliath crane, which dominates the Rosyth skyline, on to the flight deck next month.

Later this year it will be joined by the aft island, home to Flyco – flying control – from where flight deck operations involving the ship’s air group of F35 Joint Strike Fighters, Merlin, Chinooks and other helicopters, will be directed.
Queen Elizabeth is due to be launched – more accurately ‘floated out’ of the gigantic dry dock – next year, ready to undertake sea trials in 2017, ready for fast jet trials with the F35 Joint Strike Fighter the following year.
The aircraft carriers HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales are being delivered by the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, a unique partnering relationship between BAE Systems, Thales UK, Babcock and the UK Ministry of Defence.

Naval Today Staff, February 14, 2013; Image: RN