Australian Navy Cherishes Strong Tradition of Cartooning

Australian Navy Cherishes Strong Tradition of Cartooning

Captain David Michael, Director Naval Heritage Collection, launched an exhibition of topical cartoons at the Fleet Air Arm Museum Art Gallery on Wednesday, 13th February 2013.

 ‘The Navy in Black and White’ is a collection of cartoons by John ‘Prof’ Edward and Roy Richards, which take a light-hearted look at life in the Royal Australian Navy over three decades.

The work on display is part of a strong tradition of cartooning in the Navy, which is often seen in squadron line books. While the cartoons are intended to be humorous they also provide a vivid insight into the preoccupations of personnel by exploring a range of very Navy-centric topics, with drinking, divisions and general mischief being popular themes.

Prof Edward was a founding member of Navy’s Fleet Air Arm and a long-time Shoalhaven local, while Roy Richards joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1952.

Hundreds of Prof Edward’s cartoons, drawings and photographs were donated to the Museum after his death in 2008, while Shoalhaven City Council owns 12 of his works.

Naval Today Staff, February 18, 2013; Image: Royal Australian Navy