Naval Air Facility Misawa Receives Navy’s Retention Excellence Award

Naval Air Facility Misawa received the Navy’s Retention Excellence Award Feb. 14 for fiscal year 2012.

The award, also known as the “Golden Anchor,” is earned when a command meets the requirements set forth by Commander Navy Installations Command. The criteria states that commands must receive an 85 percent or better on their command’s fiscal year Career Development Program Review in order to receive it.

“Additionally, commands must also meet or exceed the annual reenlistment benchmarks of 59 percent for Zone “A”, 66 percent for Zone “B” and 72 percent for Zone “C,”” said Chief Navy Counselor Todd Wean, a Sarasota, Fla. Native, who is serving as NAF Misawa’s Command Career Counselor. “The last requirement is that command attrition must be equal to or less than 5.5 percent.”

Wean said there are many reasons to want to stay Navy, especially at NAF Misawa.

“Right now we are in tough economic times, so serving in the Navy allows our Sailors to, not only give back to their country, but to also be part of an organization that offers world class benefits,” he said. “But ultimately, I believe that when a Sailor decides to stay Navy, it shows that the command climate is positive, and that Sailor wakes up every day looking at their naval service as an opportunity.”

Naval Air Facility Misawa Command Master Chief Scott Knorowski, originally from Jersey City, N.J., also believes that NAF Misawa is a great place to work with some of the best leadership in the Navy.

“Earning this award means a great deal, and I think we’re very fortunate to have some of the finest Sailors in the Navy up here in northern Japan,” he said. “Our retention is the culmination of quality senior enlisted leadership and motivated junior Sailors, who all take pride in being a member of the world’s finest Navy. Their work, their effort, and their sacrifice is the reason that NAF Misawa remains the preeminent naval command in Japan.”

Naval Today Staff, February 19, 2013