Spanish OPV ‘Tarifa’ Takes Part in International Joint Deployment Plan

Spanish OPV ‘Tarifa’ Takes Part in International Joint Deployment Plan

As part of the Fisheries Monitoring Plan for 2013, the offshore patrol boat ‘Tarifa’ will participate in the International Joint Deployment Plan in the Bay of Biscay for the deep sea fishing campaign in the northeastern Atlantic.

Several ships and aircraft from different nations will deploy in the area, and the ‘Tarifa’ (P-64) has been assigned the CIEM areas VIIIc and IXa.

The ship departed from Cartagena on February 15th and will remain in the area for 17 days as part of the joint deployment carrying out surveillance and inspection tasks of the EU trawler fleet.

Her main mission will be to monitor specific controlled species like herring, mackerel, anchovy and blue whiting, in order to assure the correct implementation of applicable protection and conservation measures in those fishing grounds.

To carry out these tasks, an inspector from SEGEPESCA (General Secretariat of Fisheries) embarked on the ship.

Upon conclusion of this campaign, the ship will call at Ferrol Arsenal to perform a series of Damage Control drills for four days.

The P-64 is scheduled to return to Cartagena by March 11th.

Naval Today Staff, February 21, 2013; Image: Spanish Navy