Canadian Govt to Invest $360 Mln in Its Coast Guard Fleet

Canadian Govt to Invest $360 Mln in Its Coast Guard Fleet

The Honourable Keith Ashfield, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans,  announced yesterday, February 21, the government’s $360 Million investment to extend the life of the Canadian Coast Guard fleet, which will benefit the Canadian shipbuilding industry across the country and build on the government’s priority to support jobs and growth.

As part of the unprecedented investment to the Canadian Coast Guard’s fleet renewal program allocated in Economic Action Plan 2012, the Harper Government will extend the lives of sixteen Coast Guard vessels and complete mid-life modernizations on an additional two existing hovercraft over the next 10 years. Important work on the CCGS Amundsen is already underway and creating economic opportunities for Canadians.

 “The Harper Government is committed to supporting the Canadian Coast Guard, our shipbuilding industry and our nation’s maritime safety,” said Minister Ashfield. “Our Government will revitalize the Canada’s Coast Guard fleet so it can continue to keep our waterways safe and accessible including in Canada’s North while creating jobs and economic growth across the country.”

Vessel life extensions typically involve major repairs to improve vessel reliability and extend their operational life.

This commitment builds on the over $1.6 billion the government has already invested in the Canadian Coast Guard fleet over the past 7 years. This includes critical investments for new mid-shore patrol vessels, scientific research vessels, a new hovercraft, a polar icebreaker, as well as the completion of major repair work on 40 of our large vessels and acquisition of 98 new small craft and boats.

Renewing the Canadian Coast Guard Fleet will take place within the context of the Government of Canada’s National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy, led by Public Works and Government Services Canada, which aims to support a vibrant Canadian shipbuilding industry while also ensuring the highest value for public funds.

Naval Today Staff, February 22, 2013; Image: Canadian Govt