USA: NSSC New London Changes Commanders

NSSC New London Changes Commanders

 Naval Submarine Support Center (NSSC) New London changed hands during a ceremony at Submarine Force Library and Museum in Groton, Feb. 22.

Cmdr. Wayne Grasdock relieved Cmdr. Tim Kollmer during the time-honored change of command ceremony.

“Tim emphasized teamwork and exceptional customer service building strong partnerships across the submarine force and the fleet,” said Capt. David Roberts, commanding officer, Naval Submarine School. “While in command of NSSC, Tim strived for ways to improve the service to the Groton waterfront.”

Kollmer, a native of Ronkonkoma, N.Y., will soon transfer to the Naval War College in Newport, R.I.

During the ceremony, he was also praised for providing direct support to 10 forward-deployed submarines, maintaining their manning levels and meeting all material and repair parts requirements to keep them on station.

Roberts said Kollmer and his team of more than 3,000 Sailors and civilians maintained the highest levels of mission and personal readiness.

In preparing for his remarks, Roberts contacted several of Kollmer’s staff personnel and shared a few of their responses with the ceremony attendees.

“He is the finest leader I know,” Roberts conveyed to the crowd. “Cmdr. Kollmer is a servant leader who serves at the pleasure of the junior Sailors in his ranks.”

Kollmer reflected on his team’s quality and workmanship that provided direct support to Groton-assigned submarines and their crews.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to have worked with such a dedicated group of Sailors and civilians,” said Kollmer. “Their focus has remained wholly on the boats and the waterfront staffs that we support, and they have done it superbly.”

Kollmer received additional praise for his team’s quality service during his command tour.

“Your team provided superior support to the submarine force in our busiest homeport,” said Vice Adm. Michael Connor, commander, Submarine Forces Atlantic; in a naval message. “Under your leadership NSSC New London focused on achieving the highest levels of personnel and mission readiness while ensuring our submarines deployed on time, ready to conduct missions in support of national tasking.”

After relieving Kollmer and assuming command of NSSC New London, Grasdock, a native of Montana, thanked Kollmer for his leadership of NSSC, and discussed the command’s legacy of continued support of the undersea forces.

“I am looking forward to working with Sailors and civilians on the waterfront, and being a part of an organization that supports undersea forces for warfighting and operations forward,” said Grasdock.

The scope of NSSC’s support includes administrative and personnel; legal; religious; operations; supply; communications; personnel security; information systems; force protection; weapons handling; and, medical.

Naval Today Staff, February 25, 2013; Image: US Navy