USA: Navy Recruiting District Houston Sailors Build Park and House

Navy Recruiting District Houston Sailors Build Park and House

Navy Recruiting District Houston Sailors kept busy during a week in February by helping restore two communities in Houston. During the week, the Sailors helped build a park and house.

Sailors, future Sailors and other members of the community laid the foundation for a new park Feb. 13 in Houston’s 5th Ward by digging holes, cementing poles in the ground and constructing a fence.

The Sailors and future Sailors then helped on a housing construction project Feb. 15 by putting up walls, raising rafters for the roof and wrapping the house in plastic.

The Sailors decided to do this do get more involved with the community.

“It is important to be a part of the communities in which we live,” said Navy Counselor 1st Class Linda Evans. “By coming out and helping with these projects, it shows the Navy cares and is part of the community. We not only built a park and a house, but we helped build better lives for those in these communities.”

For others it was to support those who support them.

“I think it is so important to do what you can for others because you never know if you might need help from others one day in the future,” said Electricians Mate 1st Class Thomas Bosarge. “We are here to give back to the communities that support us when we have to deploy.”

The projects were also an opportunity to build camaraderie between the Sailors and future Sailors.

“We brought our future Sailors out here to show them what being in the Navy is about,” said Personnel Specialist 2nd Class Henry Johnson. “It was our chance to build camaraderie with them and share the experience of selfless-community service. In the Navy, we are committed to our service and we extend that service to the community.”

The projects were also an opportunity to have new experiences.

“I have never done construction,” said Evans. “It was awesome coming out to the two events and experiencing new things. I had never used a power saw or a nail gun before. It was great.”

“When the dust settled, the look of accomplishment and pride could be seen on the faces of all of those who participated in the events,” said Bosarge. “It is a great feeling giving back and being a part of our communities.”

Naval Today Staff, February 28, 2013; Image: US Navy