Australia: Two Divisions at RAN Recruit School to Be Renamed

Two Divisions at RAN Recruit School to Be Renamed

In September last year I announced the renaming of two Divisions at the Recruit School to honour sailors. This was the first step towards better recognising our sailors who have distinguished themselves during their service.

Today, on Navy’s 112th birthday, we are taking the next step; the remaining two Divisions at the RAN Recruit School named after officers will be renamed after the graduation of the current Divisions to complete the process of better recognising Navy’s sailors in this way.

Getting Division will be renamed after Leading Seaman Francis Bassett ‘Richard’ Emms, who died in action onboard HMAS Kara Kara (I), on 19 February 1942, defending his ship, the city of Darwin and Australia against enemy air attacks.

Moran Division will be renamed after Chief Petty Officer Jonathan Rogers, GC, DSM, who died having helped a number of his shipmates to escape and inspiring those around him in the forward section of HMAS Voyager (II) after its collision with the carrier HMAS Melbourne (II) on 10 February 1964.

Today, I also announce the previous four Division names, those of Naval officers Waller, Rankin, Moran and Getting will live on by moving them to the Naval College, to where they should be. Although the existing divisional names at HMAS Creswell have strong connections to Australian history, I believe we have a unique and distinct history of our own, forged through 112 years of service to the nation, that is best commemorated by honouring Australian officers who have served with distinction.

As Creswell has five Divisions I am adding our greatest engineer, Vice Admiral Sir William Clarkson, as the fifth Division name. Clarkson saw Active service in the Boxer Rebellion and played an often unheralded role in the early development of the Australian Navy. His drive and passion enabled much of our early success through a first rate support organisation.

The conspicuous courage, loyalty, skill and devotion to duty of these officers and sailors, in peace and in war, exemplify the best characteristics of our people and are in the highest traditions of the Royal Australian Navy.


Vice Admiral Ray Griggs AO CSC RAN, Chief of Navy


Australian Navy, March 1, 2013