UK: HMS Clyde Receives New Commanding Officer

HMS Clyde Receives New Commanding Officer

In early February, the Falkland Islands Patrol ship HMS Clyde had a change of commanding officer.

On Monday 11 February 2013 patrol ship HMS Clyde went through a pivotal moment in any ship’s life as her Commanding Officer handed over the reins of command to his relief.

After bringing the ship alongside in East Cove Military Port for the last time before being relieved as captain, Lt Cdr Mark Anderson said:

“I will leave with very fond memories of my time in Clyde.”

The new Commanding Officer Lt Cdr Marcus Hember joined Clyde on Monday afternoon having commanded her sister ship HMS Severn since June 2011.  The new captain joined the Royal Navy in 1996 and has been appointed to a range of different vessels including a period in one of the previous class of Offshore Patrol Vessel, HMS Alderney.  He visited the Falkland Islands during an appointment as an Electronic Warfare Officer, however, his most recent sea appointment was as the Force Warfare Officer responsible for Communications and Electronic Warfare on HMS Illustrious.

This led him to a job at the Northwood Maritime Operations Centre, where he worked at the interface between Navy Command Headquarters and the Ministry of Defence, the Permanent Joint Headquarters, and Other Government Departments, before returning to sea to command HMS Severn, one of the UK-based Offshore Patrol Vessels.

On taking up his new appointment Lt Cdr Hember said:

“After a gap of several years I am delighted to be returning to the Falkland Islands, and honoured to assume Command of HMS Clyde, the Falkland Islands patrol vessel. I very much look forward to exploring the Islands during the coming months.”

With a busy and varied schedule ahead, the new captain will be presented with a range of fresh challenges which will test the ship and her crew.  With his previous experience of both the River-class patrol vessels and of the Falkland Islands Lt Cdr Hember is definitely the right man for the task.

Naval Today Staff, March 5, 2013; Image: Royal Navy