UK: HMS Defender Tests Her Guns

HMS Defender Tests Her Guns

The Royal Navy’s newest Type 45 destroyer has been undertaking intense sea trials off the south coast to test all of her guns.

HMS Defender has been testing every single system onboard the new ship to ensure it is ready for operation.

From radars to engines, computer systems to radios they have all had their turn, but more recently the upper deck gunnery systems have taken centre stage in the trials programme.

Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Pearce Royal Navy, Weapon Engineer Officer of HMS Defender, said:

 “It is much more than just making the guns go bang; these intense trials have ensured that all our equipment functions precisely as designed.

“It has also given our teams, both maintainers and operators, a chance to really get some ‘hands on’ ordnance engineering under their belts.”

HMS Defender is the fifth of six Navy destroyers – built in Glasgow, she is affiliated with the city as well as Exeter. She will shortly join the Fleet.

Petty Officer Weapon Engineer ‘Russ’ Mcardle said:

 “It is a huge privilege to be working with weapons and sensors at the forefront of technology and to be able to maintain systems that will be the bedrock of the Royal Navy for years to come.
“The team have really ‘dug out’ in keeping us on track for operational tasking later this year and this is just one piece in the jigsaw of life onboard a modern day warship under the White Ensign.”

Naval Today Staff, March 5, 2013; Image: Royal Navy