Turkish Navy Takes Delivery of First LCT Vessel from Anadolu Shipyard

Turkish Navy Takes Delivery of First LCT Vessel from Anadolu Shipyard

Landing Craft Tank (LCT) project of ANADOLU Shipyard, comprising eight vessels,  which was awarded to the Shipyard back in December 2008 and which officially started after contract negotiations on July 28th 2009, took another important step on March 9th 2013, when the first LCT, namely TCG Ç-151, was delivered to Turkish Navy after 12 months of warranty period.

Within the framework of projects, managed by SSM (Undersecretariat of Defense Industries), the vessels are first delivered to Turkish Navy by the contracted shipyard under the so called “Provisional Delivery”.

Then, the Turkish Navy uses the vessel(s) for 12 months, during which the Shipyard provides full warranty for potential design, building and manufacturiing defects.

If at the end of 12 months the Turkish Navy is fully satisfied with the vessel and if all the warranty claims are closed, then the so called “Final Acceptance” of the vessel is realized.

ANADOLU Shipyard, which has completed the LCT projects’ first phase of Provisional Acceptances for 8 vessels in 37 months, as agreed in its Contract with SSM (between July 28th 2009 and August 28th 2012), has also completed on time the Final Acceptance of the first LCT.

At a meeting organized in SSM offices in Ankara, SSM LCT Project managers, officers from Turkish Navy and ANADOLU Shipyard managers led by Admiral (ret) Metin Poyrazlar, signed the Final Acceptance Protocol after reviewing the pending warranty claims.

The following three vessels (TCG Ç-152 or NB 224; TCG Ç-153 or NB 225; TCG Ç-154 or NB 226) will be in ANADOLU Shipyard undergoing final acceptance work in March and April. It is expected that these vessels’ final acceptances will also be realized on time.

Naval Today Staff, March 12, 2013, Image: Anadolu