Brunei, Singapore Navies Conduct PELICAN Exercise

Brunei, Singapore Navies Conduct PELICAN Exercise

A delegation of 13 personnel from the Royal Brunei Navy (RBN), headed by Lt Col (L) Shamsul Bahren bin Haji Taweh, arrived at the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) Fleet Headquarters based at Changi Naval Base to conduct a joint simulator exercise code-named PELICAN.

This year’s exercise marks the 32nd in the series and will last for a week from the 11th to 15th of March 2013, which is hosted by the RSN. Prior to the activation of the exercise, Head of the Brunei’s Delegation, who is also the Deputy Commander Task Group, made a Courtesy Call to Col Timothy Lo, the Fleet Commander of the Royal Singapore Navy (RSN). The opening ceremony of the exercise was officiated by Col Alan Goh who is also the Commander Task Group for the exercise.

The command teams from RSN’s Formidable-class Stealth Frigate (RSS TENACIOUS) and Missile Corvette (RSS VALOUR), as well as RBN’s Darussalam-class Patrol Vessel (KDB DARULEHSAN) and Ijhtihad-class Fast Patrol Boat (KDB AFIAT) will be involved in this year’s exercise, during which the two navies will be conducting a series of tactical discussions and simulation exercises concerning naval warfare, which includes Anti-Surface, Anti-Submarine, Anti-Air and Maritime Air Operations. The exercise itself will include a tactical phase, which incorporates tactical procedures on tactical manoeuvres and encounter exercise. These exercises are aimed at achieving a greater mutual understanding and practicing of the PELICAN Standard Exercise Procedures (PELSEP).

Several interaction programmes comprising of sports events and educational visits were organized to improve the knowledge and relationships between the navies. Besides the exercise, the two navies also interacted through organised visits to places such as the RSS TENACIOUS and the Information Fusion Center (IFC), professional exchanges, cross-attendance of courses and sports interactions.

Naval Today Staff, March 15, 2013; Image: Brunei Navy