German Navy MPRS Contribute to Maritime Security around Horn of Africa

German Navy MPRS Contribute to Maritime Security around Horn of Africa

Currently it is the 12th rotation of the P3C Orion Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft (MPRS) and its support group, serving since 20 February with the EU Naval Force.

German navy aircraft are contributing to maritime security around the Horn of Africa based in Djibouti for almost ten years. Therefore, the German MPRA detachment was able to quickly take on tasking by the EU Naval Force with experience pilots who knew the area of operation well.

 The commanding officer of the MPRA, Commander Holger Schmitt, said:

“My team is always highly focused on the task at hand and fully aware of their responsibilities. I would like to especially highlight the excellent co-operation, the team spirit and solidarity between the different nations. We are working closely together with the Spanish and French units deployed in Djibouti. The friendly atmosphere is a fundamental cornerstone for the individual success and the significant contribution to Operation Atalanta. It is with this international background, together with the ideal capabilities and professional competence of the German MPRA as well as the expertise and experience of our technicians and operators that I look with confidence on the continuous success of our MPRA as highly relevant contribution to the EU Naval Force Operation Atalanta.”

MPRAs provide the EU Naval Force with essential information to assess the situation off the Horn of Africa. Additionally they are the instrument of choice to locate pirate logistic dumps on the coastline and pirate action groups at sea, able to cover a large search area.

Naval Today Staff, March 26, 2013; Image: Enavfor