HMS Atherstone Heads East for Stand Down in Dubai, UAE

HMS Atherstone Heads East for Stand Down in Dubai, UAE

Following a busy three months at sea, the company of HMS Atherstone are preparing for some down time.

For the past three months the members of Mine Countermeasures 2nd Squadron’s Crew 1 – known as ‘The Fighting Aces’ – have been deployed in the Gulf as part of the UK’s enduring presence in the region.

Always at very high readiness, the crew have worked tirelessly with minimal rest to ensure the ship remains a highly operational unit.

As a reward for this effort, Atherstone is headed east and will have some down time in Dubai.
Many of the ship’s company have their families flying out to see them and, since it will be the first time since before Christmas they have seen one another, morale is high.

Lt Cdr Ben Vickery, Commanding Officer of HMS Atherstone and MCM 2 Crew 1, said:

“The past three and a half months have been a challenge both mentally and physically for all the crew. Not only have we achieved a lot, but the professionalism and panache with which we have conducted ourselves has been exemplary.

“The crew thoroughly deserve some R&R but I am sure that after this time alongside, Crew 1 will be eager to continue with the rest of the deployment with the same determination that has marked their performance to date.”

Naval Today Staff, March 27, 2013; Image: Royal Navy