UK: HMS Dragon Sets Sail on Her Maiden Deployment

HMS Dragon Sets Sail on Her Maiden Deployment

The UK Navy’s new Type 45 destroyer, HMS Dragon, has got her maiden deployment off with a bang after testing every weapon onboard.

HMS Dragon sailed from Portsmouth late last month, and working with other navies, will help keep the seas safe by preventing maritime terrorism, countering piracy, hunting drug runners and deterring human trafficking.

But in order to keep up this role carry out this role this ship’s company have tested all of their guns against large inflatable targets to ensure they are accurate.

AB(EW) Andrew Bennett, 21, from Southampton, one of the minigun aimers, said: “It’s really good to train with such a powerful weapon system, I was an aimer on a Type 42 but this ship is really stable so the system is really effective.

“This is my third deployment but the first time I’ve headed East, I’m really looking forward to seeing the sights and undertaking some Adventurous Training in between patrols.”

Once the gunnery testing is complete the ship then undertakes damage control exercises to blow away the cobwebs of being alongside with a fire and flood exercise. This was then followed by a warfare exercise that provides a high degree of realism and develops the team in preparation for every eventuality.

Naval Today Staff, April 2, 2013; Image: Royal Navy