CPOs Celebrate 120th Birthday Aboard USS Nimitz

Chief petty officers (CPO) aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68) celebrated the 120th birthday of the chief rank April 1.

Chiefs from around the ship gathered for lunch and to listen to their shipmates speak on what it means to be a chief.

“We’re mentors, motivators and leaders,” said Chief Fire Controlman James Bush. “We set the standards and enforce them.”

While Senior Chief Aviation Structural Mechanic Edgar Delacerda spoke on the history of the CPO rank, culinary specialists provided a special birthday meal along with cake for the CPO birthday celebration.

“This celebration was different than what I’m used to on [destroyers],” said Bush. “I could tell there was a lot of planning involved and it was nice to listen to speakers reminding us of our heritage.”

Celebrating the birthday of the CPO honors those chiefs past and present who have dedicated their time to their junior Sailors and the Navy.

“It is extremely important we celebrate the chiefs’ birthday because chiefs are the heart of the Navy,” said Chief Culinary Specialist Adam Sutton. “The chiefs run the Navy.”

Naval Today Staff, April 3, 2013