The Philippines: Navy Activates 3 More Offices

As part of capability upgrade and defense modernization, the Philippine Navy activated on Wednesday, April 03, 2013 three (3) more offices/units which according to the Navy Chief, Vice Admiral Jose Luis M Alano, will play a very critical role especially in the enhancement of strategies, doctrines and war plans in order to cope up or adapt with the international standards.

The three offices activated are the Naval Research and Development Center (NRDC), Fleet Marine Warfare Center (FMWC) and Office of the Naval Strategic Studies (ONSS).

The NRDC will be under the supervision of Naval Sea Systems Command with Captain Rommel Jason L Galang as the Officer-in-Charge. NRDC will be responsible in enhancing PN’s war fighting systems, develop new technologies and naval ordnance as well as improve our Weapons, Communications, Electronic and Information Systems (WCEIS).

The FMWC on the other hand, will be under the Fleet-Marine Ready Force with Captain Leofilo G Pulmano as the acting Superintendent. FMWC is a specialized office that shall focus on formulating, testing and validating war plans in operational and strategic coalition as well as well as non war operations.

The ONSS will be a Personal Staff of FOIC,PN and will be under supervision of Chief of Naval Staff. ONSS with Commander Teddy G Quinzon as Director will be responsible in the conduct of studies, analysis and assessment of trends, history and current realities and facts in order to formulate effective strategies that will be essential in the decision making.

According to Commodore Jesus C Millan, the Chief of Naval Staff, “the navy leadership believes that the activation of these offices and units would not only speed up the realization of our goals and vision but would also help steer the navy toward the right direction”.

Naval Today Staff, April 8, 2013