Australian Navy Cadets Visit Snowy Mountains

Australian Navy Cadets Visit Snowy Mountains

The Australian Navy Cadets (ANC) is a voluntary youth organisation open to males and females from the age of 12 ½ until 20 years of age, which provides a planned youth development program based on maritime skills in an adventurous environment, delivering youth empowerment and conscious enterprise, and which works to better equip young people for community life by fostering honour, leadership, integrity, discipline and loyalty.

On Saturday 6 April, 2013, the ANC conducted a recognition parade to welcome the New Training Ship (NTS) in Jindabyne: NTS Orion. The parade was reviewed by Rear Admiral Mick Uzzell, RAN. TS Orion will give youth in the Snowy Mountains and Cooma-Monaro region the opportunity to benefit from the ANC program.

The name ‘Orion’ honours the former Royal Australian Navy Oberon-class submarine HMAS Orion and her personnel, and also reflects the Orion, or ‘The Hunter’, constellation which is very prominent in the clear night sky over the Jindabyne area, and visible throughout the world because it is located on the celestial equator.

The unit’s crest is based on the former HMAS Orion crest and contains the motto, “Orbe Circumcincto” which, translated from Latin, means “All around the world”.

Since its inception, NTS Orion has developed deep connections with former members of ex-HMAS Orion and the Submarine Association Australia. NTS Orion‘s two divisions (similar to school houses) are named after the commissioning (first)
Commanding Officer of HMAS Orion Commander Rob Woolrych, RAN Retired, and the last Commanding Officer, Commander Steve O’Hearn, RAN. Both officers were present at Orion’s Recognition Parade. NTS Orion’s Patron is Commodore Mark Sander, RANR, and her Commanding Officer is Sub Lieutenant Pierre Vennik, ANC, both also present at the recognition parade.

The Snowy Mountains area has had a long association with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), principally via personnel and aircraft from RAN Air Squadrons conducting regular high altitude and Search and Rescue training in the area. The RAN also regularly participates in Snowy River Shire Anzac Day ceremonies and there has been an RAN presence at several Jindabyne Flowing Festivals.

Naval Today Staff, April 15, 2013; Image: Australian Navy