German, British Ships Work Together

German, British Ships Work Together

In the choppy waters off Scotland a Royal Navy warship has successfully carried out a Replenishment at Sea with a German supply ship.

As part of the multi national exercise, Joint Warrior, navies from several countries are currently off the coast of Scotland where, under trying conditions, HMS Sutherland has refuelled courtesy of German Supply Ship Rhon.

HMS Sutherland Commanding Officer, Cdr Al Wilson, said:

“The process refuelling at sea is a dangerous and highly complicated procedure and one that requires extremely well trained and capable sailors to steer the ships into position and then carry out the refuelling on the move.

“Working with our German colleagues the operation ran very smoothly and was a clear demonstration of the importance of exercises like Joint Warrior, where different navies come together to share skills and learn from one another.”

Exercise Joint Warrior involves more than 40 warships, 40 fixed-wing aircraft and 30 helicopters from the UK, Netherlands, Canada, France, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Germany. Over 12,000 personnel are taking part.

A training exercise for Response Force Task Group, which is designed to respond at a moment’s notice to rapidly unfolding world events, this takes place twice a year in a vast arena off the coast of Scotland.

Naval Today Staff, April 18, 2013; Image: Royal Navy