USA: NSE Participates in Earth Day Celebration

NSE Participates in Earth Day Celebration

Sailors and civilians on Naval Station Everett participated in an Earth Day celebration to increase environmental awareness April 22.

The Department of the Navy Earth Day theme for 2013 is “Global Reach – Local Action.”

The theme is meant to encourage Sailors to take local action to show the Navy’s dedication to protecting the environment.

The day was filled with activities throughout NSE like an Earth Day Outdoor Recreation Fair, a chili cook-off, a base cleanup, and a Dumpster Dive competition.

Denise Lesniak, the integrated solid waste manager and a planner for NSE Earth Day 2013, said it’s important for Sailors to participate in Earth Day.

“They can be good stewards in the environment at every level,” said Lesniak. “I think because the Navy as a whole has goals with protecting in the environment, not only when they are out on missions, but also when they are in port.”

The Earth Day celebration began with Sailors, civilians and DoD personnel participating in the Dumpster Dive competition. The competition was designed to have personnel separate recyclable materials from their team dumpster into designated recycling bins and the team that distributed the most recyclables out of their dumpster in the allotted time wins.

After the competition, the festivities continued with a base clean up, a chili cook-off and a Earth Day information fair at Jackson Plaza on NSE.

An awards ceremony was held during the fair to award the winners of the Dumpster Dive competition, the chili cook off, and the Battle of the Barracks competition, which concluded on March 22.

Operations Specialist 2nd Class (SW/AW) Evelyng Morales, assigned to NSE, said it’s important for Sailors to take minor steps to recycle often in an effort to make recycling a priority.

“Sailors live a fast pace lifestyle and recycling is really not on the top of our list, but if we start small by dumping paper in the recycling bin, picking up a small trash in a trash bin outside, use less water and electricity, we get in a good habit of using up what we need instead of what we want,” said Morales. “Just because it doesn’t come out of our pocket doesn’t mean we won’t be paying for it later; eventually these small steps become second nature instead of thinking it as a chore.”

The Sailors on team ‘Xtreme Recyclers,’ NSE Unaccompanied Housing Supply Department, won the Dumpster Dive event with last year’s champions, ‘Ops Officer Pickers’ of NSE Operations Department placing second, and the ‘Trash Mongolers’, from the frigate USS Rodney M. Davis (FFG 60) placing third.

The winners of this year’s Battle of the Barracks competition were the Sailors residing in building 2029 of unaccompanied housing, with 2nd Place going to building 2028, and 3rd Place going to building 2026 and 2027.

Navy and Marine Corps commands officially celebrate Earth Day April 22. Earth Day officially started April 22, 1970 as a day to reflect on the planet’s environment and ways to help keep it healthy.

Naval Today Staff, April 24, 2013; Image: US Navy