UK: HMS Sutherland Welcomes Fleet Commander Onboard

HMS Sutherland Welcomes Fleet Commander Onboard

Fleet Commander Philip Jones has visited HMS Sutherland to receive an update on Exercise Joint Warrior, the largest military exercise taking place in Europe this year.

Vice Admiral Jones joined the ‘Fighting Clan’ for two days in Scotland to witness the exercise in action and meet with the Ship’s Company.

During the visit he saw flying operations, an air raid, submarine hunting and the ship conducting a night time replenishment at sea.

He also had a chance to chat to a wide cross-section of sailors about issues ranging from the training they were receiving to the ship’s programme over the next few months.

HMS Sutherland’s Commanding Officer, Cdr Al Wilson, said;

“It was a real pleasure to host Admiral Jones on board to witness the excellent training we are receiving in a  complex, fast-paced scenario and environment.

“It is also really important for the sailors to have the chance to engage with senior officers such as the Fleet Commander so they can ask topical questions and understand how important their role is in the Royal Navy.”

Nearly 13,000 military personnel from 9 countries, including 5,250 from the UK are currently taking part in Exercise Joint Warrior.

The exercise began a fortnight ago off the east coast of Scotland and involves the full spectrum of military operations spanning all aspects of warfare, testing command and control procedures as well as strategic and tactical levels of conflict.

Maritime operations during Ex Joint Warrior involve 49 ships from the Royal Navy, Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia and other allies securing the high seas and countering piracy.

It involves the involvement of up to 40 fixed-wing aircraft including RAF Tornadoes and Typhoons, alongside Rafale and Super Etendard aircraft from the French Carrier Air Group. There is also participation of maritime patrol aircraft from partner nations such as the USA, Brazil and Canada.

Exercise Joint Warrior ends on Friday.

Naval Today Staff, April 25, 2013; Image: Royal Navy