UK: Royal Navy Reservist Donates His Training Bounty

Royal Navy Reservist Donates His Training Bounty

A Royal Navy Reservist has donated his training bounty to the Trowbridge Sea Cadet unit.

On the 15th April Able Seaman James Savory of HMS Flying Fox made a donation of £250 to Trowbridge Sea Cadet Unit Training Ship (TS) Achilles.

The name Achilles dates back to Leander Class Frigates that served during World War Two and specifically in the Battle of the Atlantic, which is being commemorated during the 70th Anniversary this year by the Royal Navy.

James Savory has been a volunteer adult instructor with TS Achilles since August last year, but is now moving away from the area, as a parting gift he has donated his annual training bounty that he receives from the Royal Navy Reserves.

The money will go towards sending a group of Trowbridge cadets to London on a visit to HMS Belfast and other historic sites around the city and anything remaining will be used to help keep the unit running.

After the donation James said:

“I am proud to support the Sea Cadet Corp and wish the unit much success in the future. It is important to allow the youth of the country to take part in activities which will benefit their future and give them an insight into a potential future naval career.”

The Commanding Officer of T.S. Achilles, Petty Officer Richard Priest said:

“All Sea Cadet units in the United Kingdom are run as charities and donations such as this are the life blood for us; we are delighted that AB Savory has made this generous personal donation.”

The skills the cadets learn will be taken into adult life designed to give them the best chance in life when used in the right ways.

There is a big opportunity for young people to make a difference to their own and other people’s lives by joining the Sea Cadets. James added:

“I believe all young people should be given the opportunity to visit some of our most important national treasures such as HMS Belfast and I know I have made a difference by funding my local cadets to go on a visit which would usually be difficult to fund.”

James is a very active member of the Royal Navy Reserve based in Bristol. The RNR is actively recruiting; growing from 2000 to 3000 personnel by 2020, HMS Flying Fox is part of this effort and welcomes new recruits.

Naval Today Staff, April 25, 2013; Image: Royal Navy