UK: Commodore Appointed as New Commander Maritime Reserves

Commodore Appointed As New Commander Maritime Reserves

On the 23rd April 2013, Commodore Andrew Jameson took over from Commodore Gareth Derrick as the new Commodore Maritime Reserves. The handover ceremony took place onboard the Fist Sea Lord’s Flagship, HMS Victory, in the presence of Second Sea Lord, Vice Admiral David Steel, family and guests of Commodore Jameson and Commodore Derrick.

Commodore Jameson inspected the Guard and proceeded with Second Sea Lord and guests to the Great Cabin, where Second Sea Lord gave an address and Commodore Jameson and Commodore Derrick marked the official handover by signing the Victory Book.

Of his new career, Commodore Jameson said:

“It is a great honour to assume command of the Maritime Reserves.

“The Government has set out an exciting future for the reserve forces of all three Services.

“For the Maritime Reserves this sees an expansion in numbers and an increase in roles.

“I am looking forward to leading the men and women of the reserves as we strive to meet that challenge, and support the maritime contribution to defence.”

The Royal Navy Reserve is a part-time force of 2,300 trained men and women who are deployed with the Royal Navy in times of tension, humanitarian crisis, or conflict.

They may be civilian, but Reservists wear the same uniform and do almost identical training as the Regulars.

Naval Today Staff, April 26, 2013; Image: Royal Navy