HMAS Sydney’s CPOs Mess Presented with a New Bell

HMAS Sydney's CPOs Mess Presented with a New Bell

Who said old sailor’s never die, they just fade away? Well, those who served in HMAS Sydney over the years never fade away either. That’s what the senior sailors serving aboard HMAS Sydney (IV) found out just before deploying to Asia on April 22, 2013 when members of the HMAS Sydney Association came aboard to present the Chief Petty Officer’s Mess with a new bell.

“We thought it important that the Mess received a new bell to replace the old one,” Mr John Byrne, President of the Association said. “I made the bell’s box from recycled timber from a World War II footlocker that came from 30 Squadron.”

Mr Byrne was accompanied by the Association’s Vice President Duncan Campbell, who served in Sydney III for 12 years. Mr Byrne served in HMAS Sydney (III) as a cook for three years.

The CPO’s President, CPONPC Denis McKenna received the bell on behalf of the Mess, during a small ceremony that was attended by the ship’s CO, CMDR Karl Brinckmann.

HMAS Sydney is one of four guided missile frigates currently in service with the Royal Australian Navy. She has recently been extensively upgraded. Sydney is a long-range escort with the ability to provide area air defence, anti-submarine and anti-shipping warfare, surveillance, reconnaissance and interdiction. She can counter simultaneous threats from the air, sea surface and under water.

Naval Today Staff, April 29, 2013; Image: Australian Navy