HMAS Sydney’s Crew Honour the ANZAC Legend

HMAS Sydney's Crew Honours the ANZAC Legend

The crew of the Royal Australian Navy frigate HMAS Sydney called time out from their busy sea-going schedule at dawn on April 25 to honour the ANZAC legend.

The ship was in the Coral Sea, steaming full speed ahead for Guam, where it will join the US Navy’s 7th Fleet for a three-month operational deployment.

In his address to the assembled crew, HMAS Sydney’s Commanding Officer, Commander Karl Brinckmann, focussed on the RAN’s achievements during World War One.

“The achievements by HMAS AE2, under the command of Lieutenant Commander Stoker, in navigating the Dardanelles until extreme fire were unbelievable,” Commander Brinckmann said.

“Most Australians relate Anzac Day with the tremendous courage of the diggers in the trenches of Gallipoli, not many understand the heroics and sacrifice of the Royal Australian Navy, nor do they note the Navy were the first in and last out of that particular campaign,” he stated.

Within hours of honouring the ANZAC legend, Sydney’s crew resumed intense damage control exercises under the watchful eye of the Sea Training Group.

HMAS Sydney’s embed into the US Navy 7th Fleet George Washington Carrier Strike Group will allow the Royal Australian Navy to increase its knowledge and skills relating to air defence procedures, strike group integration and other high end defence capabilities. This is seen as vital for the introduction of the new Hobart Class destroyers, due to first enter service in 2016.

Naval Today Staff, April 29, 2013; Image: Australian Navy