ITS San Marco to Dock at Port of Mombasa

ITS San Marco, which is part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), is going to arrive at the port of Mombasa on Labour Day, according to

The ship is part of NATO forces currently deployed within anti-piracy campaign Operation Ocean Shield alongside with two vessels from Turkey and the United States.

ITS San Marco will stay in Kenyan waters for a week.

During ITS San Marco’s visit at the port, Italian ambassador to Kenya Paola Imperiale is going to meet with civilians and Kenyan Government officials and make donations to local charities.

Commander of the NATO taskforce Rear Admiral Antonio Natale will answer questions from invited journalists on May 4th.

“It will be an opportunity for Natale to engage with Kenyan and international media on NATO’s mission  to counter piracy  in the Indian Ocean,’’ Lt Laine stated.

The warship will depart the port with journalists onboard on May 5th.

“ NATO is acting under a United Nations mandate and its efforts have contributed significantly to the considerable drop in piracy off the coast of Eastern Africa,” Lt Laine added.

Naval Today Staff, April 29, 2013