USA: Naval Air Facility Misawa Goes around the World in 30 Days

Naval Air Facility Misawa Goes Around the World in 30 Days

Naval Air Facility Misawa Sailors completed their participation April 26 in Around the World in 30 Days (AW30D), a month-long fitness program created by NAF Misawa Sailors and designed to promote physical readiness, proper nutrition and alcohol awareness.

The program utilized a mileage charting system to record individual and overall departmental progress throughout the past month.

Sailors and their departmental team earned “miles” by taking part in various physical fitness activities and events. Running and biking, along with a myriad of base fitness programs were just some of the ways that Misawa Sailors earned their miles during this past month.

“Every time that I have deployed in the Navy, there was some kind of physical fitness competition to keep everyone motivated,” said Senior Chief Yeoman Ken Ballard, NAF Misawa Drug and Alcohol Programs Advisor. “So I took that thought from the ship and applied that to the shore side.”

While the consumption of soda and alcohol was authorized during the competition, it could prove costly for AW30D participants. Every time a participant consumed a standard drink (12 oz. of beer, 5 oz. of wine, or 1.5 oz. of spirits) or a can of soda, they had to remove one mile from their charted progress total. So if a Sailor had more drinks (soda or alcohol) than miles achieved, he would have a negative total for the day.

“This program gave us an instrument to motivate Sailors toward increasing their physical fitness, while using alcohol responsibly, and eating properly, said Ballard. “The program also showed them how to track their results, and after looking at some of the scores, I can say that this method is very effective.”

Along with alcohol awareness, nutrition was paramount to maximizing counted miles during the competition. The NAF Misawa Chief Petty Officer mess provided water and fresh fruit daily for all hands at numerous areas around base.

“I know several individuals that have lost a significant amount of weight,” said Ballard. “This is because they’ve enhanced they’re physical fitness, and slowed down on their alcohol and soda consumption.”

The NAF Misawa AW30D program culminated with a group perimeter run around Misawa Air Base, followed by a potluck lunch and award ceremony.

Awards were presented to the top team with the highest mile average throughout the AW30D reporting period. Additionally, individual awards were also presented to the Sailor who lost the most weight, and to the Sailor who earned the most miles, aka: the “Iron Man”.

This year’s Iron Man prize went to Culinary Specialist 2nd Class Sherrod Scott, who also led the NAF Misawa Supply Department to a first place finish.

“It’s a great accomplishment for our team. It took a lot of work, and my team motivated me, and we motivated each other,” said Scott, a native of Jacksonville, Fla. “I believe hard work and dedication is the key to conquering any of your goals.”

For taking first place, Scott’s team all earned a 96-hour liberty, a team plaque and individual certificates. But according to Senior Chief Personnel Specialist Troy Millare, NAF Misawa’s command fitness leader, the real prize is something less tangible.

“Our Sailors have worked their butts off this past month to achieve their health and fitness goals,” said Millare, who originally hails from Waimea, Hawaii. “We’ve seen some amazing results since the program began, and I think each of the Sailors who volunteered can look themselves in the mirror and see the results of their hard work and dedication. There’s a lot of pride on display here today.”

Naval Today Staff, April 29, 2013; Image: US Navy